Rehabilitation subunit

Medical Magnus offers a full range of physiotherapy, kinesitherapy and massage treatments. The facility has its own biomechanics laboratory, where the status of muscle strength and balance of the body can be determined very precisely with the help of an American BIODEX apparatus, which greatly facilitates the targeted rehabilitation after a traumatic injury, or a surgical procedure. The Centre also uses, as one of the few clinics in Poland, ALGONIX equipment, which quickly helps the patients to return to physical activity.

The available rehabilitation equipment includes

  • diadynamics
  • electrostimulation
  • galvanization
  • ionosphere
  • cryotherapy
  • laser
  • magnetic field
  • interference currents
  • solux
  • terapulse
  • ultrasound
  • TENS
  • scanlab
  • stationary rehabilitation bicycle
  • WaDiT therapy equipment

Manual procedures

  • UGUL - exercises with resistance
  • general fitness exercises
  • passive exercises
  • passive/active exercises
  • assisted exercises
  • exercises according to neurophysiological methods
  • mobilization of the ankle joint
  • mobilization and manipulation of the knee joint
  • mobilization and manipulation of the hip joint
  • mobilization and manipulation of the shoulder joint
  • mobilization and manipulation of the spinal column


  • lymphatic
  • partial spine
  • total spine

Rehabilitation department. There is one rehabilitation department in the hospital. It is a separate rehabilitation subunit consisting of rooms equipped with the specific machines and a big rehab facility.

The number of patients (including postoperative inpatients and outpatients) treated since the beginning of 2015 – ca 2000, which accounts for over 8000 rehabilitation procedures.