Clinical Research

A Research Facility

The Medical Magnus Clinic® creates a modern clinical research center in cooperation with more than 40 specialists from different fields of medicine. The clinical research team is a group of experts with many years of experience in the conduct of clinical research for well-known pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of state-of-the-art medical devices.

The Development of Medicine

The development of today’s medicine has gained tremendous momentum. In spite of the medical knowledge, conquered and established over the centuries – especially knowledge of medicines, which are used in the treatment of a myriad of diseases – more than once there arises the need for a thorough understanding and examination of a "new" medicine. These innovative clinical studies allow medical professionals to treat the maladies in a way that is more effective and safer for patients than before.

The Purpose of Clinical Trials

The clinical trials permit the medical professionals to assess whether a drug is effective in its action, or also to extend indications for its use. The clinical trials are being carried out both on new therapeutic agents (unavailable for sale), as on molecules which have already been admitted to trading.

Dear Patient, get the details of your participation in clinical studies

The participation in a clinical study is completely safe for the Patient. Rules and guidelines of GCP (Good Clinical Practice) specify what the participation in the clinical study consists of.

The Patient first and foremost signs the informed consent form in order to legally participate in the clinical trial, having received a physician's comprehensive information about health benefits and possible side effects that may occur during treatment.

The Patient, at every moment of the conduct of the clinical trial, retains the fullness of his/her rights – set out clearly in the Charter of Patient Rights. Under any circumstances, and at any stage of the clinical trial, the Patient does not lose these rights.

The Patient may withdraw from the clinical trial at each stage – without incurring any consequences (health, financial or legal ones).

The Patient has a fixed and non-transferable right to access his/her medical records, as well as to the results of additional tests.

The health status of the Patient, who is participating in the clinical study, is constantly and meticulously controlled by a team of experienced doctors and nurses.

The Benefits for the Patient

The benefits that directly result from the participation in a clinical study include:

  • Access to innovative treatment modalities
  • Active participation in the development of medicine
  • Strengthening the sense of self-control over the Patient’s health status
  • Awareness of coming to the assistance to other needy Patients
  • Constant access to health services – i.e. diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on the usage of state-of-the-art medical devices
  • Free, novel pharmacotherapy

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